Thursday, October 2, 2008


okay, so yesterday i was really excited and realize now i should've explained things a little bit better about the book....

1. you can still purchase the book online (anytime) at
2. my official release date for the book is January 6th, this is when the book will be available on shelves at bookstores, online at amazon and barnes and noble...places like that.
3. if you live in my area, it would be great if you could purchase a book from me b/c i get more profit that way...if you don't the best place to purchase is from, that's my second biggest return. the other websites and bookstores leave me with some return but not the most.
4. this is called a pre-sale and is used to get your book "out there" before it's actually out there!

i just want to say thanks to everyone who left me comments and for all your support! you mean more to me than you know! love you all!


DeAndra said...

i'm not in your area but i'd like to order 2 books please...

Jeff said...

it's always about money to you. what about the joy people see on their childrens' faces when they read it/have it read to them?

you're above that now, aren't you? you make me sick.