Friday, October 24, 2008

every letter makes a sound

i'm sitting here, it's friday. we're trying to figure out what we want to do today, seeing as how half of it's almost gone. we've got things planned for the weekend. going to a football game tonight. then a fall bonfire party tomorrow night. the kids are excited. jakob is out of school today so it leaves the afternoon free. we need to go to wal-mart and buy some groceries. 
jakob says he wants to go to the zoo. kind of random but it's something i was thinking about. there's a pumpkin patch we could go to, but i'm trying to figure out which one they would have the most fun with, seeing as how they both cost and we can't do both. part of me wants to go to the grocery store, come home and watch the office and grey's anatomy b/c i don't get to watch either on thursday nights. another part of me wants to pack it up and head to the zoo. they deserve some fun. who knows what we'll do. any suggestions?

i realize by the time you read this, i will have already decided to do something which negates the question i just asked you b/c it won't matter once (or if) i get responses. 

i suppose there's some work i could do around the house, or some script i could write for christmas....oh yeah, that. that's something i should really do. BUT right now, i just want to hang out with my kids and enjoy the day. it's nice outside, a little cool but not uncomfortably cool..a nice cool. 

OR i could listen to jakob talk all day long, because he would. as i write, he's sounding out words and trying to spell them and figure out which letter makes what sound. then he will burst into a song which he's learned at school. 

oh the options i have for my day, which  mind you, as i sit here typing, is slowly passing by. i should really, i should go now.

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Casey said...

"Every letter makes a sound...B says buh."

That's the song I hear all the time....same one?

Well I vote for the zoo. We love the zoo and go about once a week in the fall. Its the best time to go. I am always good with Walmart and hanging out at home too.

So what did you decide to do?