Monday, October 6, 2008

weekend wrap-up

1. did race for the cure on saturday, it was greatness. i'll blog about that later, waiting on some pictures to post.

2. threw a baby shower for a wonderful friend of mine, it went splendidly well. she was happy and that's all i wanted! 

3. made a birthday dinner for my sister on sunday-brisket, cheesy potatoes and salad. yes i did it all by myself and yes it was scrumptious.  the brisket was so tender you could cut it with a spoon. 

4. church as great on sunday, pastor's sermon was awesome! all about "attitude!" loved it!

5. the sooner's won again (baylor, was there any doubt) and the dallas cowboys won, great weekend for football!

6. brandon re-arranged the living room twice...he's funny that way. 

7. aunt veronica sent the kids some halloween goodies along with tents and sleeping bags (thank you aunt veronica, they were a HUGE hit, we'll send pics)

8. i'm constantly being reminded that the Lord is in control and see's us at all times even when it feels like He doesn't. He's so good to us!

9. my kids make me smile, on a daily basis, i really do feel blessed to be called mom. they are my joy!



Casey said...

awww...brisket and cheesy potatoes! Miss eating that with you. Justin's been asking for that lately too. You had a great much fun.

And Jake is tall! That picture shows how tall he's gotten. Getting excited to see you :)

P.S. You go on the race! Wish I coulda raced with ya! We should do it sometime....really.

Regular, with half and half and raw sugar said...

I love that I can catch up with you and your family here.