Saturday, December 20, 2008


i'm so excited for the big day to get here....but that means i have to wait another 365 days for the next big day. i'm not the only one who enjoys this season tremendously and is saddened to see it go....i think it's because of the "newness" it brings each year. whether it's reflection on what God has brought you through that year, or breaking out the Christmas songs and movies that you only allow yourself to enjoy for a month every year....all the food (although not as welcomed as other things) seeing relatives and friends you don't get to see on a regular basis...all good things that make life so much greater and for some reason, it only comes once a year. maybe i should take this same spirit and try to spread it throughout the year. sure it's not the same b/c there are no stockings and christmas trees or pretty lights to look at, but why wait for "this time of year" to come to be touched every day by something new. i've been exposed to a new love this season and i pray it continues to compel my heart throughout the year and that i don't forget it and what it's helped me see and understand. 


we went to see santa yesterday. at first, jakob didn't want to go because he had already seen santa at pre-k. so i spent the morning explaining to him, ella had not seen santa yet so we're going. he reluctantly agreed (even though he had no choice) and we were off. so at this point, ella was the excited one, jake, not so much. the line to see santa was not bad at all...there were only about 3 families in front of us and the anticipation was growing. as we got closer, jakob was beginning to get more excited. well, i'm guessing the screaming girls in front of us freaked ella out, because once she saw that, her excitement disappeared. she didn't freak out, no screaming or crying, which i was very thankful for, but she wouldn't go near the big guy. jakob however, talked his ear off and was very eager to sit on his lap and tell him exactly what he wanted. ella watched from afar....not the picture i wanted, but a cute memory for the books.

that night we went to a friend's birthday party, had some yummy taco salad and enjoyed an ugly christmas sweater party. we also got to enjoy some yummy homemade ice cream. so now, the rest of the weekend involves a night out without the kids, our christmas services tomorrow and then enjoying the next two weeks off from school and i even get to enjoy some days off myself which i'm actually REALLY looking forward to.

i'm still hopeful and praying for a white christmas, doesn't look probable but one can hope. next week is going to be wonderful....and go by entirely too fast, but i plan to enjoy EVERY single second. and hopefully we'll be welcoming a new life into the world in the next few not from me, from a great friend of mine who is expecting her first child any day now. good things to come!

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