Wednesday, July 15, 2009

catching up

the weekend was restful yet eventful. we spent most of it watching movies and sleeping on and off, recouping from our trip...

on friday was my niece iriana's birthday party at jump zone. the kids LOVED it and were so adventurous! i was quite proud. i didn't know how ella would react to the big jump toys and slides but she followed jake everywhere he went and when it was time to go...of course they didn't want to leave.

on saturday i went to see my sister in "the music man." it was really good. i've seen the movie a million times and i always love going to see the shows if i've seen the movies. i really enjoyed it. great job sis!

sunday we actually took the WHOLE day off. we ran a few errands but for the most part we were at home resting. i'm pretty sure we're all back to normal now as far as schedules go. it's starting to feel pretty normal anyways.

i took the kids to see ice age:dawn of the dinosaurs on monday and they enjoyed it alot. they love going to the movies and when we have the extra cash, i don't mind taking them, a nice treat for all (and dad gets a little jealous i think) ha ha!

on a side note, b has been watering the lawn at night to try and keep it alive and as green as possible in this heat. it's looks pretty darn good considering the lack of "stuff" he's been able to put on it such as fertilizer etc. so last night, the kids decided they would take full advantage of the sprinkler and just jumped right in...clothes and all. they had a blast and were making me laugh pretty hard! i just love em to pieces!

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