Monday, February 15, 2010

we make this look good.

that's right. we do.

our valentine's date was friday. we ate at cheever's cafe (great food) and we went to see avatar (you must experience this in the theater) let me tell you, i had no desire to see the movie. probably b/c of all the hype around it...and the blue people had me laughing a little. so i was no more inclined to see the movie than i am to get a flu shot.

but we got some free movie passes and decided to proceed.

we loved it.

a great date with the valentine of my dreams. no seriously, he is.


Casey said...

yall look AWESOME. Justin has seen the movie and loved it. He's tried to get me to go and I have refused. I know, I know....I must go.

Veronica said...

lookin' like Shaft.