Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

today is my mom's birthday. honestly, i don't usually think about it until before or after the fact. but today when i heard the date on the news, i said aloud "today's my mom's birthday." i didn't expect anyone to say anything it was just me thinking out loud, but jakob spoke up and said...

"today is nonna's birthday?"

"yes jake"

"even though she died, can we still have cake?"

i laughed to myself and said no, but then got to thinking, why not let them be a part of her birthday celebration, which they never got to see. so we talked it over and decided to go get two red flowers and place them by her grave. they actually enjoyed this and asked lots of questions, some humorous, some serious but totally get that she's in heaven with Jesus and they think that is really cool.

next i told them, to celebrate her life, we would have ice cream! they loved the idea and it gave me an excuse to have a cheat day on an otherwise boring monday. (smiley faces all around) ice cream was my mom's favorite and although none of us paid homage to her favorite (a banana shake from sonic) we went to braum's and each got a waffle cone.

they asked me some questions about her. things like "are her bones under the ground?" "what's she doing with God?" "can we see her?" all good questions in my opinion. but one of my favorite things and quite humorous to me at the time was this...

ella: (who by the way never got the chance to meet my mom) i love nonna.

me: me too ella. she was a lot of fun.

jakob: yeah, until she died.

very true jakob, very true. death does not usually make someone stay fun. ha ha ha. i got a good laugh at it and it made the mood light hearted. i just try to imagine all the fun my mom would've had with jake and ella. how we would've visited her today and brought her goodies and pictures and all sorts of things to make her day special. but i think she would've enjoyed spending time with her grandkids more than anything. i miss her ALOT. and there probably won't be a time when i don' this day was special to me. and it wasn't sad at all, my kids made me remember with a happy heart that my mom was awesome, she lives with Jesus and we get to see her again.

what a great monday!
happy birthday momma!!


Deas Family said...

What a great way to remember and celebrate your mother!
I was LOL at Jake's comment! :D

Casey said...

REALLLLY had to try to not tear up reading that. What a wonderful way to honor your momma with your kids. You are teaching them well my friend.

Jeff said...

We got Sonic. It's great to hear more and more about this woman who would probably like me the best.

J'Layne said...

Dorynda, every time I read these blogs I just have to say what a great mom you are! Your mom would have smiled (or is smiling) and been so proud of you and Brandon. That includes my mom also! Keep teaching them all the good things about life and create, create, create memories!!