Wednesday, September 22, 2010

conversations with jakob

from out of the blue...

jake: mom, when i get to be a man and have a boy and a girl of my own, i never knew what i was going to name my girl. but now i do. have you ever heard of the book called "chrysanthemum"?

me: no i have never read that book.

jake: well the girl in the book, her name is chrysanthemum and she's named after a flower. so that's what i'm going to name my girl. and i promise you this mom, my boy will be named bumble bee.

me: (much much laughter) bumble bee and chrysanthemum, those are great names jake.

jake: bumble bee is a cool name mom. and i'm going to buy him all transformer t-shirts and jeans.
seriously, i want to dive into his mind and hang out there for a while. oh what fun i would have!


J'Layne said...

In the words of Lukas....Epic!

DeAndra said...

i think that bumble bee will totally look up to his cousin viper... willard viper that is...
always love the jake stories!!!

Portia (^^,) said...

Your kids are adorable! God bless!