Sunday, October 17, 2010

an accomplishment

well, it's a silly one, but one for me that's worth mentioning.

i have another addiction and it is cereal. i love cereal and would eat it 24/7 if i could. i'm not sure my family would appreciate the movement from solid healthy food to only cereal, but it's a thought.

my all time favorite cereal is count chocula. i'm pretty sure i had it every day when i was a kid. and through the years they have changed my cereal, it's shape and texture, but it still remains chocolatey goodness. they don't keep it on the shelves year round though, they have started to release the cereal at halloween. quite fitting. so about two weeks ago, now going on three, i bought two boxes of the chocolatey goodness...and i'm proud to report, we still have one box going in the venable home.

now you might be thinking....two boxes to last you two weeks, why is that so great? well, b/c honestly, i could polish off one box in two days if i let exaggeration there. i would eat it for meals and as a snack if i could.....I LOVE IT!!

so i wanted to share my accomplishment with my readers : ) and say hey, go buy yourself a box. and if chocolate is not your "thing" try frankenberry or booberry. equally as wonderful for the fruity flavored lovers!

happy eating!!

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