Thursday, November 25, 2010

Still Thankful

1- I'm so thankful for Jesus and the relationship I'm able to have with Him. It's the most important thing in my life and every day only brings me closer to the truth, of not being able to make it without Him.
2- Thankful for His word-that guides and teaches me and encourages my life.
3- Thankful for the freedom I have in prayer.
4- Thankful for my Jake, Ella and Brandon. They are my heart and my life-I am so blessed.
5- Thankful for my friends and that God takes interest in blessing me with encouragement.
6- Thankful for my dad and my sisters. I have been blessed with an amazing, supportive and loving family!
7- Thankful for constant provision that comes from God.
8- Thankful for my abilities that God has blessed me with- thank you for trusting me Lord.
9- I'm thankful for life lessons- even though they hurt, they help make me stronger and plant my faith deeper in the Lord.
10- Thankful for my body- that is healthy and strong and works great!!
11- Thankful for vision, not just to see every day but to really take notice of the beauty God has given us in creation.
12- I'm thankful for Love that is so perfect, it leaves me speechless.
13- I'm thankful for my relationship with Brandon. It's unique and crazy fun. I wouldn't want to go through life without him.
14- Thankful for shelter- I would much rather live in this house than be without.
15- Thankful for Joy that always shows itself no matter the circumstances.
16- Thankful for being able to wake up every morning and start fresh-thankful for new.
17- I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit that to me provides a deeper love and connection with God. Thankful for guidance.
18- I'm thankful I can call out to God for a peace that doesn't make sense and it always comes.
19- I'm thankful for forgiveness that never ends and makes a way for an eternity with God.
20- Even though my mom is gone, I'm thankful for the 29 years I had with her- I pray she knew how much I loved her.
21- I'm thankful for hope in Jesus-He's the strongest foundation, never wavering.
22- I'm thankful for Christmas-to me it has many meanings, but without Jesus it doesn't have worth.
23- I'm thankful for the Orchard and finding a family that fits. May we grow and welcome more!!
24- I"m thankful for laughter, for the release it brings and for real Joy that comes from sharing it. I'm thankful my family is good at it!
25- I'm thankful for the opportunity and blessing of being a mom. I can only pray my grace and love are a true extension of Jesus.

This was my 25 days of thankfulness list. I'm blessed beyond words.
Happy Thanksgiving!!


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What you have written is awesome and spoke into my hart !

May God Bless you!