Friday, February 25, 2011

my girl

when i was younger, i wanted to be a mom and have a boy and a girl. however, when jakob was born, i changed my mind and decided i wanted all boys. God had different plans for me and i guess decided to stick with my original desire...He gave me ella.
i'll be honest, when i first heard i was having a girl, i wasn't excited. and ella has given me a run for my money.
but man oh man, i could not imagine my life without her. she brings so much joy to my life. she makes me laugh constantly and when she is in one of her crazy moods, our laughs go on forever. she is dependent, but extremely independent. she has a mind of her own, but likes to have encouragement for her choices. she's a snuggle bug, loves to play dress up, already has a shoe fetish and is boy crazy. yes that's right, at the age of 4 we already have a boy crazed little girl on our hands. just this morning she woke up smiling because she had a dream about two little boys in her class. good times for all. and dad was NOT amused. i, however, think it's cute.
she had a conversation with her brother the other day that deserves to be saved. and here's how it went.

ella: bring me my juice.

jakob: you don't just say "bring me my juice ella". we aren't your servants, you're not a queen.

ella: yes i am.

jakob: no you're not.

ella: well i feel like one.

and that is her attitude. and at times it drives me crazy. but with that tenacity, she'll be unstoppable.

so i say to my precious ball of sunshine who popped into my life and turned my world into crazy girly-ness.....

you grab that scepter and go for it!!


DeAndra said...

she gives the best hugs ever too! she is one precious little bean!! keep the ella quotes coming!

J'Layne said...

AWWWW, I love it!!! She's so darn cute! We love y'all!