Tuesday, August 12, 2008

to blog or not to blog

that was the question. alot of my friends are doing it now, some have been for quite a long time and it's become quite interesting to me. i'm a fan of myspace and even facebook but i don't get to write on those as often as i'd like to so here it goes.....
the main reason i'm starting this is because, well...i like to write. there are some family members who will frequent the blog to see updates of the family and hear what's going on with the Venable's, but i think mostly, it's for me.
another reason, which i hadn't thought about until my great friend Amy pointed it out, "you should blog about the process of your book."
What? did you say book? that's right, i've written a children's book which is currently being put through the publishing process by Tate Publishing. Right now my book has illustrations and is currently being given a cover design. I'll share more about that later.
So for now, this is where I begin. Just me, venting, laughing, sharing, whatever the case may be, indulging the "writer" inside of me....enjoy the ride!

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