Tuesday, August 12, 2008

how it happened

so i know it's only day one, but i decided to write a little more about my book. as i sit here playing beauty shop with ella (not easy trying to type whilst she's combing my hair ever so gently, ha!) my mind takes me back to when i first got the idea (or had it given to me) to write a book. i've always been complimented on my writing and i consider it a gift from God. so with this writing gumption in me, it gives me great joy to type away (or scribble on paper which i still do). my friend casey as well as my husband kept saying i should do it (write a book) and so i decided to give it a whirl. and what better thing to write about than my own precious gems...so i began. i sat down one night in october of 2007 and out it came, rather quickly and it rhymed. i got the idea from the way jakob plays and uses his imagination. i know kids do it on a regular basis, but it still amazes me at how their minds work.  so i re-read it, had brandon take a look and just saved it on the ole macbook, thinking nothing would ever come of it b/c i had NO idea how the publishing process worked or even where to find one. then along came a day in February of 2008 that would set things in motion......(to be continued)

oh and by the way, i don't capitalize anything i should, except for really important names like Jesus...so just be advised, from a "skilled" writer, you'll get minimal punctuation and NO capitalization!

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Tiffany said...

welcome to the blogging world. in honor of you i am typing this with no capitalization! i am excited to see your book...congrats on making it happen!