Wednesday, August 13, 2008

all i need is another addiction

i'm pretty sure that's what this will become if i don't watch myself. i guess i'm going to enjoy it more than i thought.
so to pick up from my last blog, i had a girls night, game night with a group of friends from church. we played nertz, great fun. in the group of friends was a girl i had known about and pretty much just met. she happened to work at tate publishing, so i thought, why not ask her if she knows anything. low and behold, she did! she briefly explained to me the process of submitting my writing, having it accepted and getting a book published. quite intrigued, i told her she may be hearing from me. 
so the night went on and we had great fun. in the back of my mind, for about a week and a half, sat the conversation i had with my new friend. i had talked to brandon about it and he said "do it already." so i did. i sent her my book, all one page of it. she said she would pass it on to the hands it needed to see and that was that. i waited. for about a week i waited and got a random phone call on my cell and the voice on the other end told me they loved my book idea and definitely wanted to publish it! WOW! tears started forming. i couldn't believe it. i'm gonna be a published writer...but there's only one problem. MONEY! yep, just because they want to publish you doesn't meant they want to do it for free. of course you have the opportunity to make it back and if you do, your next book is free. but let's focus on the matter at hand and try to figure out from where this money is going to come. we had no idea but really felt like the whole process had so far been God breathed. so we just sat back, prayed and waited on the Lord.
and of course, as always, He came through. we got the funding for the first half of the book from a quite unexpected source (which also falls into the category of a miracle) so if we didn't know before, we 100% know now, this is totally God. 
so the book is now in production. i've gone through edits, several stages, then onto illustrating, which has just finished and now the cover is being designed. 
the second half of the book money is due Aug. 20th and again we are trusting in the Lord to provide. looking forward to sharing another miracle......


Vernon & Amy Deas said...

Here we go with the addictive personality again....I guess writing doesn't do as much harm as chocolate?

Veronica said...

Yea!!! Even though I talk to my brother, like every week, he doesn't tell me the in depth details. I loved your comment about the miracle of the finances!

There is one thing you must change. Jake and Ella should be referred to as "my perfect" children.

Love ya.

Veronica said...

As I have spoken with your husband numerous times, he didn't tell me all this info. It's great to hear it from the female view point.

I am SO proud of you and your book,as would our moms. Your comment about the miracle of the financing was hysterical.

There is one thing that needs changing: the word PERFECT was not included in front of Jake or Ella's name. Let's see if you can correct that ... OK?

If this message comes through about 15-20 times, sorry.