Friday, August 15, 2008

so much time so little to write, wait scratch that, reverse

i got a very exciting email yesterday...the cover of my book has been created, so cool! they sent me four covers to choose from. i like them all of course, but i can only choose one. i decided to let jakob help me. i got other adult opinions, but one thing they told me to do was to choose one that would be most appealing to children, so who better to choose than my perfect (for you veronica) son! he chose the one i like, with NO prompting, i promise! i'm going to try and get a couple of other kiddo opinions before turning in my final decision on monday. i just can't believe it's happening. so excited! i wish i could share the graphics with you now but i don't think that would be you'll just have to be patient!
one more funny story to share (sorry brandon, i have to do it) he doesn't share my excitement or laughter in the situation but i know you will.
last night i was at my aunt's house with my dad and my sister so brandon was home alone with the kids. that's not the funny part. brandon often is at home, alone,  with the kids and they have much fun, singing and playing the guitar...they're naturals. anyways, i began raining, not a torrential down pour but none the less, raining. brandon went outside to try and get our sometimes not so smart dog, maddie, to either come inside or go to the shed. she was resisting. while outside, my "precious" little 2 year old ella, decided to climb up on a chair and.....lock the door on dad. yep that's right, it's raining and she locked the door. so he proceeded to bang on the door and she gets off the chair and walks away. in walks jakob to the living room and looks at the door and also, walks away. i'm laughing harder as brandon's telling me the story, he unfortunately was not. he then walks around to the front of the house, in the rain, and goes to the front door where he "claims" to ring the doorbell for five minutes (really, five minutes?) with ringing and banging going on....jakob slowly walks to the front door and looks out the shade and very seriously asks "what are you doing outside dad?" and then FINALLY opens the door for brandon, who isn't soaked but very, very unhappy. 
so what can you do, right? i'm afraid if i was there, i would have laughed my patooshky off, so maybe good thing that i wasn't. all in all a good night...and brandon ended up being okay, in case you were wondering. 
i hope that served as some comic relief for you! have a wonderful friday and lock someone out in the rain!

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Veronica said...

Even though Brandon is the first perfect child (therefore Jake and Ella's perfectness) I always stand up for him, but Brandon, this was FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY. I have to say I am with Dorynda on this one!

Would love to see the cover. How many 1st edition copies are you going to personally sign?