Friday, August 22, 2008

while i have a few minutes

and i literally mean a few minutes. i do believe this has been the busiest week i've had in a very long time. i wrote earlier about having practice every night this week and while they are going well, i'm pretty worn out. i've also been helping out with our women's brunch at church which is happening this saturday morning, same day as my final practice before the play on sunday morning....AND as i previously wrote, jakob started pre-k this week. so WOW, busy and worn, but the Lord has given me strength this week and i'm feeling good, just ready to sit for longer than 30 minutes and prop my feet up (aren't we all ready for that?)
i thought i would just write a bit about jake's first day. he loved it, of course. he had a pre-conceived schedule in his mind of what he wanted to do on his first day: play with trucks, glue and paint. i kept encouraging him to listen to his teacher and do what she says, but he insisted that would be the schedule for the day. i'm not sure if they ended up gluing anything, but they did get to paint so all was well. he came home yesterday talking about a new song he learned and although he is not generally one to be shy, he hasn't performed the entire song for mom and dad yet. but if you listen closely and watch him, you can catch him singing bits and pieces of it to's great! 
i think little sister ella has missed having her big brother around during the afternoon too. i am working right now, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, so my sister takes jakob and his cousin iriana to school each day and i pick them up after work. it's a great system we have! so ella stays home with aunt d and her baby cousin amelie. they have lots of fun together but each day i have picked her up she immediately asks where jakob is....and when they see each other, they smile and giggle at each other, it's great! so i'm anxious to see the changes as time moves on.
here are a couple of pics from the first day. this is jakob and his cousin iriana getting ready to leave for their first day of pre-k

the picture right above is of jake and ella, it's fuzzy b/c it's taken with my phone. she wanted to be a part of jakob's big day and i couldn't ignore her request, look at that smile!
so all in all, a great week! jakob continues to ask if he's going to school each day, i love his excitement...i'm anxious to see how long it lasts!
i also received my first "proof" of my book on wednesday. it was amazing! i let the kids see it on the computer and i had to read it several times! they LOVED the illustrations, the are so bright and colorful! tate publishing has done an amazing job! i'm praying other children will enjoy it as much as mine do. it honestly is a dream come true and i'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the final product. you'll be the first to know when it arrives!

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