Tuesday, August 26, 2008


"hook" is one of my favorite movies. we watched it last night for the first time with jakob. within the last few months he's taken a liking to pirates and anything and everything that has to do with them. so it was a fun night watching him, watch the movie. within the first few minutes he decided he needed to make a pirate ship and brought in a bag and a plastic golf club and informed me he was making the sail of his ship. he struggled with it for a while and then brought the items to me for assistance. i, of course, directed him to his dad, who got into the project more than i expected. i told him he could use an old pillowcase so he got one from the closet and headed to the garage. a few minutes later he came in with a wonderfully crafted sail, or at least the best we could do with what we had on hand, an old golf club shaft and some hangers. needless to say, jakob was thrilled. "now i need a boat." and thus began the turning wheels of his dad's mind. who again said "give me about ten minutes in the garage and i'll be back, i've got an idea." sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it's not. this time proved to be greatness! brandon emerged from the garage with this.....
a move-able pirate ship "built for two." jakob went crazy with his new toy! around the living room, through the hall, he even found a way to maneuver it into his sister's bedroom where the "pirate store" was and they "bought" pirate gear and were on their way. it was so great! 
so jakob would sail for a while and watch for a while, back and forth, asking questions. there were a couple of scenes where the lost boys are teaching pan to fight again so ella and jakob had a sword fight of their own, both were equipped with swords made from the "spool" on a pants hanger.

so it was a great night. we had a bit of a hard time getting them settled down enough for bedtime, but strict bedtime isn't what i want them to remember, the sword fight and pirate ship are!
on another note, the play went awesome on sunday. we got many compliments and i think my cast did an outstanding job! i was very happy, pleased, thrilled, and also glad it was over. i didn't really realize how tired i was until i got home sunday morning and pretty much crashed. i barely even moved to make myself eat. but it's worth it, having a job i truly enjoy is worth it all!

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Deas Family said...

Ahhh the reality of the book to come...the wonderful imagination of the Brynvens! Hmmmm wonder what Vernon would come back with after 10 minutes in our garage...now that's using your imagination! :D