Monday, September 1, 2008

under the weather

my macbook that is. i've had to take my computer in for a new hard drive so i haven't been able to write. i've got so much to say, is that weird? but who knows if i'll remember it all. i'm using my sister's computer right now, so i just wanted to give my faithful readers an update. not having a computer just flat out sucks. i'm sort of glad i've been without it b/c it's made me realize how much time i'm aimlessly use the computer, on the other hand, i've had a few moments of just really itching to write and i haven't been able to. i used to like to sit down with a pen and paper and just write but since the computer is so much faster, i've grown accustomed to my laptop. i digress, and ramble, not really relevant right now. just wanted to say "sup" and i'll have more stories and updates coming soon.

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