Thursday, September 4, 2008

we're back in business!

i think i was possibly taking my laptop for granted....or having a computer period. brandon and i decided we do spend a lot of time on it and we're going to limit our at home use now BUT it does come in handy when needing a quick recipe, directions or helpful info. i definitely couldn't live without one, well i could, but it wouldn't be any fun!
just thought i'd give a little update. i should be getting my final draft for my book sometime next week! i'm so excited to see it laid out and ready to go. not too long before i become a published writer! it couldn't get crazier! or could it?
jakob is loving pre-K. every day he has stories to tell and songs to sing. i can't believe i have a little one in school. but he makes me proud every day. although i can tell he's going to be somewhat mischevious.....go figure. i think ella is having a hard time adjusting to her brother being gone. pretty much the time we drop jake off at school, she says it's time to go get him. she misses her playmate! it's sweet but sometimes she gets grouchy and that's not so sweet! ha!
a couple of pictures i'll share for now. we went over to my sister's house for labor day and took pics of the family. here's one of the four cousins. from the left..Iriana, Amelie, Jakob and Ella.
then the next one is of my family (minus my sweet lil sis in sunny CA and her hobo jeff) i'll include a pic of them just because i miss them so!

not a great pic (or one my sis will be excited about, love you!) but it's them and how they are, crazy awesome!..this is from our trip to california back in june. we're inside jeff's winebago. if you want to know more about what deandra's doing, check out the sight it's jeff's website and they are currently working on film "A Man Called John." DeAndra's the writer!
guess that's enough for now. i'm getting ready to go get some coffee.....don't get to do that very often, so i'm off! thanks for reading!


Deas Family said...

So glad you're back!

DeAndra said...

you're right...i wasn't too happy about that pic! thanks for the advertisement! love you so much and miss you more!!