Monday, September 22, 2008

oh how i like thee alot, let me count the ways

1. sundays...they're refreshing and relaxing.

2. my kids played great together yesterday. normally they're fine, no major complications,  but yesterday was a super nice treat. they shared and everything.

3. i watched golf with brandon, the ryder cup, and the united states won. it was great! (yes i really do enjoy watching golf)

4. the cowboys played the packers and they won....great game!

5. i got to enjoy some reading time.

6. we hung out together, played together but also spent some time "together" by ourselves as a family. sometimes it's nice to just be in the presence of who you love.

7. i had a cherry vanilla coke (yes it was a treat to me b/c i don't ever drink coke)

8. church was great (as it always is) worship was great, just a great experience.

9. i was reminded how big God is and how great His Love is for us and how Love is such a powerful word that it really should be spoken with conviction. i know that's deep but it's true. John 3:16, a very familiar scripture is the true definition of we love that deeply? do we really know what it's like to experience love like that? i do, with God. i'm reminded every day of that love.

10. i love it when the Lord uses unexpected illustrations to teach me something new. it reassures me that i'm listening and still pliable enough to be taught.


Casey said...

I am loving that I can leave little messages to you now! I am so happy you had a good day yesterday! :)

txconnection said...


Casey said...

I was checking your blog and Charli saw the new pic of Jake and Ella. She giggled and crinkled her nose and said, "its a new one...I love jake!" Then she said, "and I love ella too." She loves to look at the pics on the blog!