Tuesday, September 30, 2008

pure gold

1. race for the cure is this saturday...i'm pumped. i love doing this run now and my sister and two cousins will be joining me this year. awesome!

2. throwing a baby shower this weekend, can't wait. it's gonna be so great! i'm so pumped for my friend!

3. my book will be available this week....what? that's right...watch for details!

4. God is so amazing. seriously, so amazing!

5. my beman is the absolute love of my life and i treasure him so much. we have the greatest relationship...God is good!

6. my kids, well, they're pretty awesome. it can't get much better than this...or can it?

7. yes i believe it can and WILL get better than this....unbelievable.

8. i love the fall, the holidays that come with the fall...got my pumpkins and my scarecrows out...it's great!

9. jake is deciding what to be for halloween. right now we are deciding between a pirate, a transformer or black spiderman....ella has decided she will be a princess...go figure!

10. although i'm looking forward to october and all that it's bringing, i can't wait until november..i get to see my girls!

1 comment:

TxConnection said...

Does our princess need high heels, tiara, extra slips for her dress?

How about JAKOB? Blood for his pirate? Parts for his transformer that his daddy won't steal? Web for his spider?

Please let us know how we can help.

Many pictures, please.

Congrats on the book and happy trails on the run.