Saturday, September 27, 2008

there's just this one thing

i really have to share about ella. it's not something i'm extremely proud of b/c i think it's gross but it's one of those moments that make you laugh, pretty hard and loud. her dad taught her this...or should i say dad taught jake and jake taught ella...either way, here goes.....

ella woke up from her nap this afternoon and jakob ran by her room to open the door before one of us got in there. she was laughing, so brandon called in "what are you doing silly girl?" to which she replied "watch me, i can pull my finger" (which was followed by a pull of her own finger and you guessed it, an "expulsion of a gas noise" from her mouth) a toot, a fart, a fluff, whatever you and yours call it. she did it and sent me, brandon and jakob into an eruption of laughter. 

so of course, she did it again, "watch me, i can pull my finger." (pull of finger, out comes the noise)

no i'm not "proud" in a sense...b/c i would hate for her to do this at a most in opportune time but then again, it was freakin hilarious that she woke up saying it, so yes i AM proud of my daughter for having an amazing sense of humor (and memory) at age 2, regardless of what it was she remembered!

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Casey said...

I vote for it being funny....and I can actually see her doing it! Made me smile.