Sunday, October 26, 2008

two in one

just wanted to post a few pics from our visit last weekend in tulsa. we had a great time and miss our friends who live there. 
we also got to see our friends the cantwell's and had a great night playing with their boy's caden and camden. unfortunately jake and ella wore them out and i didn't snap any pictures before they passed out on the sofa watching a movie. they loved it though! we had a great great weekend!


Casey said...

Awwww! Great pics. So glad you came. And yeah for the zoo. Great choice. And you got to see all the halloween stuff there too!

Your TxConnection said...

Ella's hair looks it is getting so long; looks so pretty in that picture... it feels good to be so totally non-biased.

Brandon enjoyed Jakob's version of the zoo, I'm sure. They never grow up!

Amy said...

coffee - lets do it. email me when's best for you!