Wednesday, October 29, 2008

do you believe in miracles?

fo sho!
i haven't shared anything about this b/c it's just not in my "person" to do so. i like to see how things are going to pan out before i share it with the world. so i keep it to myself, pray about it and let God do the rest. and that's exactly what we did with this situation.
brandon has pretty much hated his job for, oh, 2 years now (that's how long he's been there). it's not a great working environment, not uplifting in ANY way and it sucks even more when the owner and the boss seem to not like anything you do. very hard men to work for. and no i'm not taking b's side on this, it's fact. his laid back style of working (no not lazy, laid back) was not what his boss wanted to see...he basically wanted him to be uptight and crotchity (yep, like a crotch) and that's just not b's style.
sooooooo, for the past 2 years he's hated it. it's caused sleepless nights, stomach, nerve and stress issues. i'm sure i'm preachin to the choir, anyone who's had a job that's less than desirable knows what i'm talking about. 
well, every so often b has looked for job's elsewhere with no luck. quite a few months back he had a potential interview but nothing ever happened. it seemed hopeful, even great, but nothing. over the last few months however, the company has remained interested. 
about three weeks ago, brandon was called into his boss's office and told at the end of the month, he would receive a $1000 pay cut a month OR be relieved of his position. NICE! but we both kind of laughed and honestly didn't get worried. honest! we put the situation in God's hands and let Him do His work. b put out feelers for other positions but nothing was working out. last week he got a call that the "new company" was interested in him and wanted to see him. he knew he needed the job but wasn't keen on doing the same stuff he does now. so after praying he decided to meet with the guy and just "feel him out", no harm in that.
b gave the guy a call today, the guy said come in, b did. and well, his last day at the "hell hole" is friday and his FIRST DAY OF WORK IS ON MONDAY!
talk about God's timing. WHOA! 
is it his dream job? no, that will come in time, we KNOW it will. but for know, God knows this is what b needs, what our family needs, and He's continuously orchestrating our lives. He truly gave us peace through this whole ordeal. as long as i set aside my "need to be in control and figure things out" i was at rest. i've always felt like a faith filled, trusting person, but honestly the last few months have tested me. i'm thankful for it though. God has proved faithful. He didn't have anything to prove but He loves us so much and has this insane amount of grace for us, it just flows freely to those who are willing and able to accept it. 
it's awesome, all this God stuff. 


Casey said...

I do believe in miracles and I am so happy for you guys. Its great when you actually see God with you on your journey. Yeah!! Tell Brandon I am excited for him.

Your TxConnection said...

I know B has been unhappy so I am glad to know the one hard lesson has come out with the "sonshine". God IS awesome and His grace is more than we can ever fathom. When I grow up, I want to learn the fullness of TRUSTING GOD; not trusting IN God. (Think about that, there is a difference.) The kids will learn great lessons from this as you repeat how God's timing is perfect.