Sunday, November 2, 2008

trick or treat, smell my feet

we got wayyyyyyy to much good stuff to eat. luckily i haven't eaten it all up from the kiddos. i've managed to restrain myself..yay for me.

we did have a great weekend though. friday of course, we went to a few houses to trick or treat then off to a festival at church. the kids had a great time so i was happy. jakob ended the night by saying "mom, i had a fun time halloweening" so all is well. they looked absolutely adorable too!

and after our night of fun with the kiddos, b and i went our to our friends house for a small but lovely halloween party. we didn't dress up big this year, not totally lame but fun to us. we were fans!

and since friday was a pretty big day our saturday was spent lounging around the house, watching movies, playing with the kids, they watched movies, they went outside, we watched more movies, we ate. no housework, no nothing, just bummin around. gotta say, we enjoyed our saturday...we started the day with 
1. surf's up (we like this penguin movie much better than happy feet)
2. elizabethtown (great great movie, the kind of movie you never want to end)
3. indiana jones-kingdom of the crystal skull (first time we saw it and loved it, we're big indy fans)
4. return to me (classic, great love story)
5. we ended the night by watching texas tech BEAT texas (great ending to a great day)

since we gained an hour of sleep we got to bed at a decent time and i woke sunday feeling refreshed for once and not rushed soooooo, i made some blueberry muffins from scratch. they were mighty tasty if i do say so myself. 

and finally, our day on sunday was great. wonderful weather outside, wonderful service. the cowboys lost BRUTAL! but the evening held a special blessing for me...we usually don't go to sunday night services, but tonight i decided to go b/c my sis, cousin, dad and friends were singing in an "andrae crouch night" all songs written by andrae crouch. gotta be honest, not a big fan of choir music, but tonight was really great. it brought back lots of memories for me. i knew pretty much every song, i was blessed and reminded "the blood NEVER loses it's power" and coolest thing for me was remembering my mom. i could see her up their praising and bopping along. i've seen her sing every one of those songs at one time or another and i honestly just pictured her up there loving the whole night. it was cool, but hard. i miss her like crazy. but it was nice seeing her praise God again, as i'm sure she does it all day every day anyways!

so it was a great weekend. hope you enjoyed yours!


Casey said...

Oh Dorynda...what a great thought about your mom. I am sure it is hard missing her, but knowing that thought of her singing those songs actually to God is the coolest picture in my mind. Glad you guys had a wonderful weekend. (except the cowboys...yuck).

Jeff said...

those are the laziest halloween costumes ever.
I'm glad the cowboys lost.