Sunday, October 19, 2008

W is for weekend

we had such a great weekend, there's so much to write about and pictures will be coming soon. for now i will just post my list form to give you a sum up...

1. got to see many dear friends this weekend. that could be the sum up for me b/c my friends are so very special to me, i miss them not being around all the time.

2. our worship band from church (which includes brandon on the bass) played at youth convention this weekend. it was a lot of fun and i love all those guys (and girl) and band wives (and girlfriends) so much. an awesome group of people!

3. jake and ella got to do alot of fun things this weekend too. they did so well staying in the hotel and having two very full days of going non-stop. i was proud of them!

4. i love growth and change. sometimes it hurts real bad. i'm glad it hurts. it means i'm listening and it means God trusts me. WOW! God trusts ME. That's HUGE!

5. i ate brownies this weekend and enjoyed it. they were cosmic brownies and they were cosmically good.

it doesn't seem like much but the weekend was filled with goodness. i'm so incredibly thankful for my life and where we're at right now....God is up to something, i love that!


Casey said...

Thank you for coming and spending so much time with us! Its really great to have friends and we miss you too! Love you all.

Jeff said...

Does cosmic brownies mean what I think it means?