Sunday, October 12, 2008

when i turn six

i've seen a few of my friends do this and just recently (promise people i don't make this stuff up) a conversation occurred between jakob and brandon. it's definitely worth sharing and i know one person in particular will appreciate this (casey be sure justin reads this one)

jakob: guess what dad?

dad: what's up jake?

jakob: when i turn six i'm gonna marry charli. then i'm gonna wear my hair spikey. then i'm gonna burp.

(room erupts with laughter, end of conversation)

we've been having a lot of "when i grow up" conversations prompted by my friend amy expecting her first child. jakob asked one day where amy and vernon's baby was and i said in her tummy. which began questions that i was almost afraid of but didn't end too awful. since then he's been saying he wants to get married and be a dad (cute but let's wait a while buddy) at first the age was 16 (um, i don't think so) and now it's 6...... just pray for me people, that's all i ask! 


Casey said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That is hilarious and so great at the same time! Justin will freak out! I love it! Lately Charli has been telling me she is going to have 5 babies and live with me so I can help her (what??)! Then when she figured out that you have to go to the hospital to have babies (because I showed her where she and Jake were born) she decided she does NOT want to have babies and is just gonna stay home with me to help me with Chloe. THey are funny! Justin may not think so tho!

TxConnection said...

You have a natural born teacher on your hands. Jake has taught Ella about "pulling her finger" . . . now, get inside his mind and just image the conversation regarding burping, hair fashions and marriage. I wonder how that story will go.

Am I glad I live in Dallas? Oh yeah, this is one situation I cannot be blamed.

Deas Family said...

you'll have to share the new comments and questions Jake has after the baby arrives! He's too cute!