Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my moon, my man

i have to brag...my husband is pretty freakin amazing. i tell him this but sometimes he doesn't believe me. so maybe if it's in print, he'll believe it. 

while i was away for my girls weekend, my husband stayed home with the kiddos and whilst at home, he gave me a new kitchen and dining room floor. the pictures i post won't do it justice but just imagine they do. it's so great, much better than the dingy carpet that once occupied space. 

he worked hard, he was worn slick, and he did it for me! he's so good to me. there are so many more reasons i could list as to why he's captured my heart, maybe one of these days i will, but for now, i just wanted to share. he's great. and he's mine!


Casey said...

Yeahhhh! I love it, love it! It does look great...the pictures do show it off well Way to go Brandon. Tell him he's a show off!

Jenn Lamphear said...

That is a good man! Good job hubby!

TxConnection said...

AT LAST! My raising of this wonderful man is seen and appreciated by the masses.