Friday, November 14, 2008

how to cook a turkey

i remember doing this when i was in the second grade and since times have changed, they now ask pre-schoolers the same question. i think my answer was something like this

first you have to killet
then you have to skinet
then you have to bake it for 45 minutes
then you eatit.

my mom kept a little piece of paper with this answer on it from my second grade year. well, with turkey day right around the corner, jakob has come home with a plethora of things to discuss. he learned how to spell pumpkin, he sings a song about not wanting to be a turkey, he has asked if the turkeys are going to go hide on thanksgiving day....i could go on. in his thursday take home folder there was a piece of paper with "how to cook a turkey" on the top. jakob had drawn himself and turkey and had also told his teacher this is how he would do it.

"I would get my turkey on top of my house. I would put an oven glove on and cook him in my waffle thing. I would get him out in 5 months."

WOW!  never knew cooking a turkey could be so fun, interesting and take so long....he's got quite the imagination! and i couldn't love it more! so happy early turkey day! try cooking your turkey in a waffle thing.....might be tastier this year!


Casey said...

Oh I love that...especially if turkeys are going to hide on Thanksgiving Day! ha!! That's so great.

TxConnection said...

Cute Cute Cute
Wonder where his great imgination comes from?
If from you . . . at least pausible
If from Brandon . . . usually unprintable (love you, baby bro)