Monday, November 17, 2008

what i wanted to do

was put up the Christmas tree this weekend. i've wanted to do it since halloween but i keep waiting....i suggested it this weekend but b said to wait at least one more. he's right, we should. don't get me wrong, i don't want to skip thanksgiving, i love that holiday too, there's just something about Christmas and i think everyone agrees and when the weather is cold, that chill in the air just makes me want to curl under a blanket with a glass of hot something and watch Christmas movies all day long! another thing i'm waiting to do. 

so this weekend was pretty uneventful. the whole house has been under the weather with this "cold" cough thing going around. it takes  a while to shake. i think we're all on the mend, it's just taking longer than i want it to. i did get some housework and laundry done. but for the most part we just tried to relax. the wind was atrocious on saturday so that meant no outside time for the kids, saturdays become long days when that happens. we colored alot. i'm looking at games for the kids....we don't really have any, which is a travesty. i'm thinking hungry hungry hippos, a memory game and maybe a card game is in our Christmas future.

the winter also brings our sweet chocolate lab maddie indoors more often. even though it's not the greatest thing for b (he's allergic to dog hair) we can't bear to leave her outside when it's close to freezing or below, or rainy. she enjoys being inside, she's great with the kids and they love playing with her. and she loves b the most, oddly enough. won't leave his side. it's sweet.

so not too much going on right now. just gearing up for the holidays. these times make me miss my mom terribly, BUT i celebrate it up right, in honor of her. these were for sure her most favorite times of the year. i used to give her a hard time about her house looking like poinsettia puke (there was not a place you could turn without seeing one) oh how i miss that! nope, it will never be the same, but it's going to be good, a different good, but most assuredly good.

i go in on tuesday to do the "voicing" for my book. i read it, they record it, then on my "release date" in january, you can actually purchase me reading the book. pretty cool huh? 

the dallas cowboys finally won now that Romo is back, perhaps they'll be on a winning streak now instead of a losing one. we can hope!

so that's it for now. we're a blessed people. i pray my life and attitude reflect it. 


Casey said...

I have made myself wait until right before we leave for Thanksgiving at my parents house. So I will putting it all out this weekend, or maybe next Monday. Its so funny that we are all counting it down! And I have actually thought about Thanksgiving and you and your mom today. You are in my thoughts and I am praying for you. :) Hope you all keep getting better....the constant cold, cough, snot thing is annoying. And one big YEAH for the Cowboys...hope they keep it up.

iamstevenj said...

so while you're voicing your book, you should stop by to say hey! I work in the same shopping center... oddly enough for the same company.