Wednesday, November 19, 2008


well, i have to get it out somehow...haven't been to the gym in two weeks now. i've had this nice little cough following me around and it's taking forever to go away. some mornings i have honestly felt like going, but every time i start to "rev up the engine" the coughing begins. so rather than hack up a lung in public, i choose to do it in the comfort and privacy of my home. i'd rather not take a "spit cup" with me whilst trying to do cardio. 

luckily, i haven't eaten to terribly bad. i've not eaten extremely healthy, but honestly i can't complain. going to the gym just makes me feel better. maybe going would kick this cough thing in the groin, or then again, perhaps it would send me into a coughing nightmare extreme. i guess we'll never know b/c i'm going to wait until the cough subsides.

which means i might not make it back to the gym until next week, and since it's a holiday week, there will be food galore. i love holiday food. don't love what it does to my gut, but nonetheless i love it.

so there was my "bitch" session for today. probably didn't want to hear it, but hey guess what, you dont' have to read it if you don't want to! ha got ya!

just kiddin, nothing but love. thanks for listening, or reading....whatever. i'm ready for egg nog!


iamstevenj said...

love that you waited until the last paragraph to tell me I don't have to read it... haha.

TxConnection said...

What about that brownie you ate within the last week or so. Are you counting that as "being good"?