Friday, November 21, 2008


usually friday is one of my favorite days of the not so much. although i will start off by saying the day ended good, all is well, life goes on. 

HOWEVER, to begin with, i've been trying to get b to go to the doctor all week and every day he acts like he might but never goes...until today, when he stopped by an am/pm clinic at which time learned he has some form of crazy bronchitis and now has 3 types of meds to take plus an inhaler. good times. BUT he's doing good and will soon be able to breathe normally again!

the kids and i had a good morning, nothing out of the ordinary...UNTIL i get a call from jake's school that he doesn't feel well. weird, he was fine earlier. the nurse said he was complaining about his ear and was very teary the entire afternoon. when i picked him up, he was very clingy and wanted to go straight to bed. i decided to let him sleep and see how he felt after getting a nap. 

in the meantime, i'm supposed to go out with the girls tonight to celebrate my friend's birthday. one of my very dear and close friends. what to do. b gets home and assures me jake will be fine when he wakes up "go, have fun, don't worry, we'll be okay." (sigh) okay i'll go.

phone rings, jake has woken up and is in pain. b decides to take jake to the am/pm b/c it's too late to call his regular doctor, but wait, mom has the insurance card. so "mighty dad" to the rescue comes and gets the insurance card, takes jake to the doc, definitely an ear infection, thankful it's only one ear. off to get the prescription filled....cha-ching, not a cheap one. 

all the while i'm feeling absolutely horrible b/c my baby boy is in pain and b keeps telling me, "we're fine, go, have fun." so i celebrated with my friend and we did have a good time. her place of celebration for the evening was "the melting pot" my first time to fondu. it's rather pricey so i decided to just go for dessert (and split it with another friend) i tasted the cheese portion of the meal and the meat portion,eh.. so so. but the dessert....oh yeah, most assuredly worth my cheat day. 

what you're looking at my friends is a plate filled with strawberries, marshmellows, cheesecake, pound cake, bananas, rice krispy treats, and brownies. and in that big silver bowl that's on fire, is chocolate, carmel and pecans, all melted together to create pure dipping goodness. and behind it is another silver bowl filled with chocolate and peanut butter, also melted together. um yum. so yeah, it ended up being a good night. 

checking in with b, the kids were playing, laughing and watching "elf." 



Veronica said...

No need to post ... is Jake doing OK now? Here's some advice you didn't ask for: if his ear starts bothering him again, have him lay with his ear on a heating pad (turned on low and with a cloth between his ear and the heating pad, of course as if you didn't know.) A secondary benefit, when you remove the heating pad, your pillow feels all soft and warm.

Jennifer Lamphear said...

Pumpkin! What a day! There is such a tug on a mommy's heart! Good job done by daddy....way to encourage you to go and still have fun.... can he call my husband? HA HA.... Glad you had fun...prayers for the ear "confection" (that's what my girls call it) LOVE YA, Jenn

Casey said...

Awww what a stinky day....although it ended well. Charli is praying for Jake :). Tell Jake Charli is watching The Polar "Spress" today while we decorate....she wanted him to know. (Elf, I am sure, will be coming soon.) Hope you all get better soon.