Monday, November 24, 2008

on the mend

praise the Lord, the venable's are on the mend...

we had a good weekend. got out the christmas decorations and started transforming our house into a winter wonderland. jake and ella were both very excited. we watched polar express on sunday night while we put up the christmas tree, i think it's our favorite movie. 

brandon's cough and congestion are subsiding and jakob seems to have bounced back very quickly. he wants to stop taking his medicine because his ear is "all better now." we'll finish it knows best (most of the time)

ella can't keep her hands off the tree. not in a downright defiant way either, she thinks every decoration is so pretty and cute. every one she touches she finds a different descriptive word. it's very precious. so although i have to correct her, i'm tolerating it a bit more than i would normally...she's just too cute for me not too.

i'm in search of a small tree just for the kids so they can decorate it how they want and take things on and off as much as they want...the hunt continues. 

saturday night was amazing....the sooner's won. it was the craziest, funnest game i've seen in a long time. if they play like this for the rest of the season, they'll be unstoppable. 

i'm excited for thanksgiving this week although two important people will be missing (well three really) i miss my lil sis like crazy. she'll be home in about a month, i wish for sooner and longer but at least we get to see her, it would be great if we could see her hobo too but he'll be heading east for the holidays to be with his family.

this is probably when i miss my mom the most. as i've said before, the holidays were her favorite. she was all about the decorating but loved her family being all together and she loved reflecting on what God had done for us throughout the year. to me, she always had a thankful heart and her spirit was so sweet and pure, it was addictive. no she wasn't perfect, but the way she let God move in her life her last few years here with us was amazing and a testimony to everyone around her. miss you mom! happy turkey day in heaven! eat up!

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Casey said...

Oh that picture makes me miss your mom too. She was one of those people that always made you smile. She is so beautiful.

And....this is the first year to have a tree since Chloe is "moblie." OHHHHHH...we are in trouble. She just loves it...kind of the same was it sounds like Ella does. She just points and jabbers at it. She's not being bad...just LOVES it. Its going to be hard to keep her away!

Also...remember the year Jakob unwrapped the Christmas present under the tree before Christmas? I was remembering that the other day. :)