Saturday, November 29, 2008

my thanks

i had wanted to do this on thanksgiving day, but usually the holiday comes and goes so quickly, you look back and wonder where it went. taking so much time and preparation to make it just perfect and it just whisks by....almost un-noticed for it's real purpose. that's how i feel sometimes. so i just wanted to reflect on the day of thanks.

-i'm so thankful for the love of God in my life. that it's so big, i will never comprehend it. that's it's so powerful, it keeps no record of wrong. that i can go to God anytime, anyplace and He's there. He's given me so many gifts to remind me of that love that don't even compare to the actual gift of love itself.

-i'm thankful for my family. for my children who are the sparkle in my eye. your tenacity and imagination amaze me every day. i'm so proud of you (already) and the love i feel for you is indescribable. thanks for calling me mommy. my husband is amazing. he's grown into such an incredible dad. we grow together every day. i'm thankful He listens to the Lord and that he strives every day to be the leader of our family God wants him to be. i love you b! 

-i'm thankful for my family. my sisters and dad are so special to me, they will never know how much they really mean to me. they continuously look past my shortcomings and show me nothing but love. i pray with each day i can return that love to them. i love you so very much!

-i'm thankful for my family. my cousins, all my in-laws, my aunts, my uncles, my grandparents. God has blessed me with such a strong family. my ties with them are so strong, they will never be broken. they have blessed my family and taken care of us, no words will ever express how thankful i am. all my love to you.

-i'm thankful for my friends who have become like family to me. my friends amaze me and i feel so blessed that you are a part of my life. thank you for strengthening me, challenging me and making me a better person for knowing you. you are a part of my heart. love your guts! 

-i'm thankful for my mother in law. i wish i could've spent more time with you, to learn from you. i'm thankful for the six years i had with you. you were a testimony to me of God's love. your prayer life is still affecting me today and i pray it always will. you had strength like i've never seen. thank you for welcoming me into your family. love and miss you every day!

-i'm thankful for my mom. even though she is not with me on this earth, she is with me in my heart. i'm thankful for the 29 years i had with her. i'm thankful for the lessons she taught me, for her unconditional love and support and for the memories that will never fade. mom, if you can read this, i miss you, i've always been proud of you and i can't wait to see you! 

thank you Lord for life. even though the life down here does not even begin to compare to our life with you, i'm thankful for it. thank you for giving me opportunity to grow. your blessings can never be measured. i'm blessed by You, changed by You, healed by You and moved by You. thank you!

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Casey said...

That's all very wonderful! We are all so blessed and thankful for it! Can't wait to visit for Christmas too.