Tuesday, December 2, 2008

O Christmas

that's it. just O Christmas. absolutely my most favorite time of year. the month of december goes by entirely too fast for me. i love the weather and wish we had more snow in oklahoma. i love the lights and the decorations, the music and the smells. baked goodies, hot chocolate. reflection. everything about it just makes me giddy. so i thought i would share some of my faves...
starting with music

next comes my house...love love love decorating.

just a few of my favorite movies to watch

and i thought i would leave you with my most favorite elves of all!

Merry Christmas! Enjoy everything about it!


Casey said...

OHHH I love it all! All the stuff...the music, movies, video...I agree with it all! I love it and hate how fast it goes by. Justin and I just watched that video and giggled out loud. So very funny!! Thanks for sharing....its fun to see your house. Ella is hilarious! That video will so fun to watch when she's older and "too cool."

TxConnection said...

Your favorite elves are two of my favorite elves, also. There is another elf in Waxahachie who is quickly becoming part of this group.

Never expected anything less from any of the three elves, nor their parents.


iamstevenj said...

FYI. Christmas Vacation is the one and only single movie that gets me in the Christmas mood. A year without that is a bah-humbug Christmas for me.

DeAndra said...

watched it three fun-filled times last night! loved it over and over again. fun for days! jeff loved it too :)