Saturday, December 6, 2008

Polite Parade

something happened the other day that i haven't had a chance to share and thought it was humorous enough that others would get the same laugh i did....although at the time, i was more frustrated than laughing. 
ella and jakob are already beginning some sister and brother bickering...and i try, as best i can, to keep it under control. one of the things they've been doing constantly, if they are upset with each other, is say "i'm not talking to you" or "i don't want to talk to you right now." 
so jakob is grumpy one morning and says one of the above phrases to ella, without cause this time, one of the few times ella was actually being sweet to him. so i tell jakob, "please don't say that, it's not polite." he proceeds to tell me the following.
"i lost my polites in the parade mom. charli, caden and camden took my polites and i don't have them anymore."
so trying to not get frustrated and explain what being polite is, i told him it was being nice to people and having good manners, which he understands. nonetheless, proceeds to go into detail about his polites and how they got lost in the parade and again, he thinks his friends, charli, caden and camden took his polites so he can't use them anymore.
i gave up.
maybe a new book idea.
maybe just one for the memory box.
whichever it was, the boy has got an imagination and an excuse for everything. 
oh boy.
here we go.


Casey said...

That's very funny and strange. I hope Charli didn't steal something of his for real! Ha! They really are funny at this age and that story is definitely a keeper for the memory box!

TxConnection said...

This is a good one!! I think I smell a book. However, remember that Jake IS the innocent one in this situation. He has to be, he has no faults. Likewise Charli, Caden and Camden are sweet too, but not perfect (sorry Casey) like Jake.

The above statements were made by the one person who can honestly see the real Jake. Statements made may or may not reflect the views or opinions of his parents (who are wrong a lot of the time when it comes to their angels).