Sunday, December 7, 2008

my ella bella

well, i can't pick on my jakey without pinning one up for ella too. who yes, is the absolute cutest girl in the world (i know what all of you are saying who have girls too, but ella IS the cutest) okay okay, along with about a million other little cuties in the world.....i digress. she IS my cutie and although we already "get into it" and i am NOT looking forward to her teenage years, she makes my heart smile every single day and all she has to do is look at me....AND whether her dad will admit it or not, she DOES have him wrapped around her cute little finger.....sorry babe, it's true.
well, b, myself and jakob were enjoying a christmas movie on thursday night, after a few minutes of quietness, and not seeing ella anywhere, i ask, "do you know where ella is?" to which i get "no's" from both male parties. so my search begins....i say her name, not even loudly, "ella? where are you?" "i'm in here mom" where's here, i wonder and walk slowly around the corner and see the bathroom light on....when i find this.

just in case you CAN'T tell, she's holding a container of hair paste. the junk her dad uses in his hair...the putty, sticky, stuff that you're supposed to use a "little" of and make it go a long way. and in case you haven't noticed the other part of the picture....on top of her head is NOT a cute little white bow, it is several handfuls of the hair paste......

did i yell? did i get upset? did i spank my little precious? actually no, i did none of the above. i laughed, alot and marched her into daddy, where he also laughed. she thought she looked very pretty so we naturally agreed with her b/c ella bella looks pretty ALL the time, ESPECIALLY with 5 inches of hair paste spread neatly on top of her head.


TxConnection said...

Too cute!!! And yes, she is the prettiest girl ever. And that statement was made with NO prejudice what so ever.

By the way, how many times did you have to wash her hair to get it out? It reminds me of getting gum in my hair and the seeming hours and potions it took to get gum out . . . ice, peanut butter, probably axle grease, then cutting the gum out after all else fails. The experience not being exactly cute, but a reason for chores to be added.

I had a really awful childhood, didn't I? I feel really bad for me, don't you?

Jeff said...

whoever spelled "hollidays" on the side of your blog did it wrong.