Monday, December 8, 2008

weekend update

we had a great's kind of leaking over into monday. i don't go into work on mondays and today i'm just taking it easy, still in my pj's. did some cleaning, doing some laundry, watching some christmas movies with the kids. it's actually nice outside but the wind is ATROCIOUS today so since we've already had a battle with ear infections, we'll stay inside and enjoy the warmth of Christmas.
i went to a pj party on friday night. the pastor's secretary at my church throws one every year and i had the privilege of being invited. you are to bring your favorite snack (bugels) and cookies for a cookie exchange (devils food cookies) and enjoy give-aways and games. it was a great time and i met some ladies i had never met before and hung out with a group of ladies i don't normally hang out with, it was so great. her house was amazing, my mom's "dream" house. it reminded me of a bed and breakfast and ironically that's what she sort of uses her house for. to bless people. if they need time away or need a place to stay away from home, she opens up her home and treats you like royalty. she's a gem! here's a pic of my team on the decorate your own santa game...we won!

and here's the whole was a great night!

on saturday we cleaned and ran errands and just had a pretty good relaxing day. b put a few more touches of christmas on the house and we had a few friends over to watch the big 12 game! we had such a great time, especially since OU kicked some serious Mizzou bootie! so we're off to the national championship. much to the disappointment of all the texas fans, but to that i say "suck it up already." here's a pic from our saturday evening....

this in represenation of the 60 points OU put up. a 60 mac!
sunday was a good sunday. b and i always have good talks after the sunday morning services. i enjoy this time...he's usually being challenged in a new way or being reminded of how blessed we are as a family and he as an individual. he is growing so much, it makes my heart smile. sunday was a busy day for me at church with video stuff and a christmas rehearsal....but it was a good day nonetheless. so i'm ready for the week. it's a busy one. 
-staff christmas party tonight.
-nertz tomorrow night
-church wednesday night
-ladies party at church thursday night
-i think friday night is actually FREE! nice
-and saturday we are seeing some very missed friends of ours to do our traditional christmas with them(well actually for the kids)...can't wait for that!
so a busy week is in store...but i thrive on busy! have a good one yourself!


Casey said...

That party looks like SOOOO much fun! Our college group is having a pj party this week too. We are excited to come see you guys! Charli keeps asking to come see Jake and Ella. Can't wait! And Boomer Sooner!

Deas Family said...

"40 Burger", "50 Whopper", and "60 Mac Baby!"