Sunday, December 14, 2008

only 11 days til Christmas!

well last week was.....interesting, filled with a little bit of everything. it was a busy week with parties and get togethers which were all very fun, we had a bit of the sicklies in the venable house but got over it quickly and carried on. the weekend was great fun when we were visited by our wonderful friends from tulsa, the graves'. we have a christmas tradition, a four year tradition, which we will continue for as long as we can (i hope you agree casey!) our kids exchange presents every year and we usually have a meal together and just hang out. although we only got a few hours together this year b/c we live in different towns now (sniffle, sniffle) it was still a wonderful visit.

on sunday night, jakob was in his first Christmas program. he had one line, it was amazing! of course we were both beaming with pride. my niece iriana had a line too as an angel, jakob was in the "choir".

and of course, being the proud parent i am, i took video of jakob's line. it was with my digital camera so i hope you can hear it....and yes, he's a venable!

i was watching him as he noticed his dad in the balcony, and i wondered what he would do, if anything. sure enough, pointed him out for everyone to see. it was so great, could not have been more perfect and b loved every minute of it, who wouldn't! so it was a great weekend, filled with so many great memories! have i mentioned i love this time of year and all it brings!

i'm so thankful to my Jesus for all He's blessed me with, for this great time of year that is all because of Him, and for putting such joy in my heart!


Jennifer Lamphear said...

He is so cute! I love him! I am so glad that he pointed out his daddy... that is precious!
Love, Jenn

iamstevenj said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha! That was too awesome... and pretty typical of little Jakob eh?

Casey said...

Love it, love it, love it! THat is so cute and he did great! Might he be a ham????? If not a ham, then maybe leans to the dramatic side. Comes by it honest!! Too cute.

And we had a great time too. Wished it woulda been longer. And of course we will keep it up!

Deas Family said...

That's awesome!!! Yay Jake!