Tuesday, December 30, 2008

and it all came tumbling down

Christmas decorations that is. i know (gasp) i took them down already. i'm usually one to savor them until absolutely necessary to take them down but we're going to be out of town right after new years day so i didn't want to come home from a long trip with the decor staring me in the face. it was bittersweet, but i have to admit i enjoy having my living room "back" but now we've noticed this unusually large space of which we have nothing to fill it with. trust me, i have ideas, which cost more than i can spend...so we'll wait and enjoy the open-ness that is our living room!

i have to post another picture from last weekend. i think one of my favorite nights might have been "dad date night" for me and my sisters. although i was tired, worn down and ready to do nothing, my sisters and i decided to ask my dad out, and he took us to eat at b.j.'s and then to his house to watch the newest narnia movie "prince caspian." everyone else had seen it, except me. i enjoyed it. 

we're off to dallas tomorrow for a last few days of refreshment. seeing b's family and friends we haven't seen for months...i'm excited. it's always a good trip for us. 

i'm excited for what 2009 holds. this has been a whirlwind year filled with just about anything and everything and i've enjoyed it and grown. i look forward to more....growing, learning, stretching, listening and watching.

Happy New Year my loved ones!

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DeAndra said...

that was one of my favorite nights too sis!!! so many great moments from my trip...miss you already and can't wait to see you again!!