Monday, January 5, 2009

home away from home

that's how i think of Dallas. it's probably my most favorite place to visit where i feel at home every time i go and really don't want to leave. doesn't matter who we stay with or where, it's always great. and this time didn't disappoint. 

we left OKC on wednesday morning and dropped the kids with uncle benny (b's brother) and aunt tricia. they were very excited to say the least and from what we hear had a great time. they got to feed a baby goat, play outside, jake got to drive the BIG tractor and feed the cows tumbleweeds (hay) and enjoyed every minute. they spent the night with the aunt and uncle while b and i headed into dallas for a night out....alone. well, not completely alone, we did meet up with some friends for dinner and entertainment, but we got an afternoon and night to ourselves. it was very nice. b even went shopping with me......i know, stop the press. we got a hotel room for the night, ate at pappasitos, went to hear some good blues music and just enjoyed ourselves. 

on new years day we went to b's sister's house and got to see the family. it was a lot of fun and the kids ALWAYS love seeing everyone and especially playing with their cousin lukas. or yuka as ella calls him. they played ball, jumped on the trampoline and played with just about every toy they could find. ella drove the mail truck (too funny) and we cooked out and enjoyed the nice weather. always great hanging out with family. 

on friday we went to see some of our dear friends and have dinner at their house with more friends that night. b and i lived in dallas for the first two years we were married. we have so many great memories and have stayed in touch with so many great friends, we feel blessed. we always have such a great time when we see them. it's never long enough, but we enjoy the time while we can. 

yes the boys were there but they don't look as cute as we do! the next day we were supposed to go home but got "talked" into staying an extra day. let's be honest, they didn't have to try to hard, we were having fun. the kids were in agreement to stay one more night so we loaded the day with more fun. had lunch at bj's brewery (great pizza place, we ACTUALLY have one here, try it out) i was off with the girls for some shopping so b took the kids to bass pro shop and a newly built look-out area at the DFW airport. they LOVED that! 

here are jake and ella (the little black dot) being airplanes...i could never get both of their faces in the shot at the same time, so i just took one "in action." it was a lot of fun. that night we got to hang out with more friends and just enjoyed the evening. ella was pooped and fell asleep on our friend's dog, macy. she didn't seem to mind ella's feet. they really aren't stinky.

we headed home sunday morning, and did nothing the rest of the day but watch movies and veg. still a little tired today but it's back to the grindstone so no time to dilly dally. jakob went back to school today so that means, business as usual and this week will be our dive into normalcy.

this is the hardest part for me after the holidays....getting back to real life. for two weeks we are basically foot loose and fancy free and we enjoyed every minute of it. i'm already excited for the next holiday season but in betwixt the two, i'm excited for 2009 and what it promises to bring. b and i will celebrate 10 years of marriage in my how time flies. and this year i'm hoping to take the kids on a trip to see their tanta in california. 

lots on the horizon. i'm gearing myself up for what God wants to do in us and through us this year....and i'm excited. good things. can't wait!


DeAndra said...

bring on the fun sister!! and you look hot in the pic of you and b, by the way :) happy new year!!

Casey said...

A fellow Dallas lover gives the Big D two thumbs up as well!! And we ate a pappasitos over the holidays too. Hmmm...we should have coordinated that better and showed up at the same time.