Friday, January 9, 2009

it's "official"

my official release date is today, January 9th, 2009.

this means that the publisher will begin to get my book "on the shelves" of local stores. it's already on, so if you've purchased one and you enjoyed it, please write a review. i know it's kinda cheesy to do, BUT if random people are doing a random search and come across my book, YOUR review might entice them to purchase one. if you haven't purchased one yet, you can still go to and now and get one. i appreciate everyone's support of me thus far and i pray that the book will be successful so i can move on to another one! it's been really cool to watch the whole process....a little slow at times, but i'm sure will be worth it, just for the experience alone. 

get the word out if you can, i really appreciate it! 


iamstevenj said...

you and your book are awesome! just FYI.

Casey said...

can't wait to read it!