Monday, January 12, 2009

writer's block

the only thing that's not suffering from the above would be the blog. every year, well for the past three years now, i get very busy and have to write a gazillion skits for fine arts festival, a church competition which will take place at the end of march. i enjoy it, to a degree, but this particular year i seem to be in a slump. perhaps i could just print out my blogs and have the kids memorize and use them as their skits....some are funny enough, don't you think? 

wait, don't answer that.

i've also got to start thinking of an Easter idea which will happen in April and then onto another big play production for August....don't stress, you say, you've got time. i DO have time but the problem is, that with each day, i keep saying that to myself and before i know it, April will be here and i'll have nothing. 

so i'm sitting here. trying to think of some clever way to present the theme "extraordinary." so broad, yet so difficult.

meanwhile, the venable's had a nice relaxing weekend filled with playing games and movie watching and that's about it. it was a nice rest after our "back in the swing of things" week. 

this week shall hopefully prove to be a successful week of writing. 

let's pray!


iamstevenj said...

You should make a skit on how we do voiceovers at the church... eh? Okay... or hey... we should do a skit about how Gary Stevens sings... eh? Or a skit about how Brandon will change the wording of the things Rex writes on the choir room board? Just some ideas... :) these will NOT help at all.

Your TxConnection said...

You will come through, no, you and God will come through. And it will be wonderful and awe inspiring and people will feel the Holy Spirit touch their souls. You have such a wonderful spirit and a gift with words that God has given you and you have chosen to allow your mind to become like His so He can fully use you. Keep it up and one day, I can say, "I knew her when".

I love you.

may, Samantha e. said...

just make your characters like lindz, mimo, grayson, and will.

then go from there...

this also might be an evil scheme to make your current finearts clan more difficult.


love you,