Thursday, January 15, 2009

these are a few of my favorite (or not) things

i read one of my friends blogs and she did this "25 things" about herself. just random, no rhyme or reason so i decided for a change, i would try goes.

1. i secretly wish i could sing, like really wail! 

2. i also wish i could dance....when i was in highschool i always wanted to be on the pom squad. yeah, go ahead and laugh, can you see me doing that? 

3. i think brandon is the perfect man for me. we are so good for each other, it amazes me every day. i love him with all my heart.

4. i don't hug people as much as i used to. i noticed i stopped hugging as much when my mom died. don't know if those are connected, but it's ironic.

5. i also don't each as much ice cream as i used to. my mom AND mother-in-law LOVED ice cream, don't know if that's psychological or not. could be.....but it is kinda weird. i'm a BIG fan of ice cream.

6. i've always wanted to go to Montana. don't know why, just have.

7. i love to write and would love for that to be my profession, in a book way, not a fine arts skit way. ha ha ha!

8. top chef is one of my favorite shows and i want to try everything they make and then go make it myself and i love to eat while i watch it, even if it's just a bowl of cereal.

9. i know i'm weird, and i'm okay with that. i also love mushrooms and avocados. 

10. i love the store anthropologie and hope to someday be able to shop there and not just for the sales.

11. i'm truly amazed by God every day. i see His majesty in everything around me, especially in my kids. most days i just stare at them and smile....they probably think mom's a little weird for doing this, but hey that's okay. 

12. i will admit to an addiction of facebook, my blackberry and chocolate.

13. my friends mean the world to me. each friend i have has blessed my life in a different way and i'm truly thankful for it. 

14. i've always wanted to be a voice on a a kids movie, i think it would be fun.

15. if i ever had the chance to do saturday night live, i would JUMP ON IT! i think it would be so fun!

16. i still love the show "friends" and it will probably always be my all time favorite!

17. although, i like halloween, sometimes i wish thanksgiving was in october so christmas could be two months long.

18. i think 2009 is going to be an amazing year. i know it's cliche' but for the Venable's 2009 is going to be INSANE! (in a good way)

19. i'm amazed by the grace of God and i want to learn more about it and apply to my life and the way i am with other people.

20. i WILL go to ireland and scotland with my husband. 

21. i've always admired teachers.

22. everyone makes fun of "snuggies" but i would actually enjoy using one

23. i always try to laugh a little every day. even if it's been the crappiest of days, a little giggle makes me feel so much better!

24. i like working out. i know i'm a freak. 

25. every day i'm learning more and more to trust in God and have faith for His provision and His protection over me, my family and friends. as i get closer to Him, the faith thing just gets easier. i'm so blessed to have Him!


DeAndra said...

so i guess i'm not one of your favorite things...sniff sniff...

Casey said...

you should hug me more and i also really love the idea of having a "snuggie." people make fun of me too about that....they call me old.

Jenn said...

GIRL.. I Love Top Chef too... you rock. I have alwayswanted to be in SNL...not just for the million an episode either... I really think I am funny!