Sunday, January 18, 2009

i'm liking this....maybe i AM getting old

although i don't "feel" old per say, i have enjoyed the last two weekends which have consisted of nothing. usually i like to be on the go, all the time, having something to do is how i live and i still like it, but the last two weekends the fam and i have just relaxed, watched movies together, ate popcorn, played games, colored on HUGE pieces of paper's been great!

this weekend we watched "Horton Hears a Who" we all loved it, we will definitely make it a part of our DVD library. then b and i enjoyed a couple of movies after the kids went to bed..."Eagle Eye" and "Traitor." both movies of which we didn't hear much about and enjoyed both. not purchase worthy for us, but we had fun watching them.

tomorrow we're off to visit my grandpa in kingfisher for his birthday, i'm hoping to get some good pics of him with the kids. and this friday night we are going to see "walking with the dinosaurs" and BOTH kids are pumped for that. 

both kids seem to say something crazy or odd on a daily basis...and it makes me laugh. i'm enjoying them so much that i'm seriously hating to see them "on the grow." i know, i'm turning into a big sap, but that's okay, i'm at peace with my sappiness! 

so have a great week and remember to be at peace with your sappiness too! 

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