Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The day off

i usually have monday's off but we don't do much of anything b/c jakob has school in the afternoon. yesterday he had a day off b/c of MLK day...we enjoyed ourselves. 

we were ready to go by 10am and waited while the rest of the family- my sis and her girls, my dad, my cousins and my aunt, all piled in the cars and went to visit my grandpa for his birthday which is wednesday. he and his wife live in kingfisher so we decided to go have lunch. it was fun. nothing much exciting happened, we ate at a little hole in the wall diner called "sunshine cafe" and then back to grandpa's for some brownies. the kids love taking trips and loved seeing their great-grandpa.

on the way home from kingfisher, ella fell asleep. it's always hard to get her to lay down for a real nap if she sleeps in the car...even if it's just for 10 minutes or so. she thinks she's good to go. well, to coax her into going back to sleep, i told her she could nap in my bed with my blankets. she liked that idea and went down easily, i thought. about 1o minutes later i hear my bedroom door open up and here is what greeted me.....careful, these pictures may frighten you.

"i put your make-up on mommy" why yes, yes you did ella. nice job! and no, she didn't get in trouble...how could i punish her when i was laughing and getting my camera. she was told it's a "no-no" to get into mommy's make-up. we do put blush and gloss on every morning, but i guess she wanted to experiment. like the glob or should i say chunk of eye liner in her eye? oddly enough, none of my make-up was ruined and it was all put up neatly in the bag with the zipper closed. she's a pistol. and makes me laugh every single day. wouldn't change one thing about her ornery ways! 

and i'm excited about today and the change it holds for our future. i'm not scared or concerned, not at all. not just b/c God is in control, i do rest in the peace that comes with knowing that, but i also rest b/c i believe change is good. i may not agree with every single thing our new president may or may not do, but when does anyone agree with everything 100%....a big fat NEVER. so i believe, with all my heart, that good things are on the horizon. if people will stand and unite in prayer, with our president, i think the possibilities are limitless. 


Casey said...

Ella is a hoot! Those are great pictures!! Wait til she cuts her own hair!

Casey said...

I hate to risk seeming OCD by leaving two comments. However, everytime I open my computer Chloe comes running (almost hyperventilating) saying, "Ella...ma-up, Ella...ma-up." She loves the makeup pics of Ella!