Sunday, January 25, 2009

weekend update

our weekend was great and started off with getting to enjoy "walking with dinosaurs" at the ford center. it was really cool! i enjoyed every minute and the kids absolutely loved it! basically, they just take an hour and a half and walk you through the different dinosaur periods. all the dinosaurs were scaled to actual sizes except the bracheasaurus (sp) they had to scale it down a bit b/c the actual size is too tall for the production. we even got to go back stage to see them up close and personal. the smaller dinosaurs have men inside them running around like giant puppeteers and the larger dinosaurs are moved around by tiny cars fitted to the bottom of them. i wasn't 100% sure how ella would do b/c she's still a bit young for things like that but she loved every minute!

here are a couple of our favorites, the second pic is dino poop. not kidding!

i was also able to capture a video with my camera of t-rex and her baby. it really was a cool show. t-rex was jakob's favorite part and both of the kids enjoyed the dino poo!

so that was friday night. on saturday we just stayed in, cleaned house, did laundry, ran errands all the fun stuff that saturdays usually hold. that night, b made the best chicken quesadillas i've ever really, he did. and i'm not just saying it b/c he's my hubs....they were amazing! and healthy! whole grain tortillas, chicken, spinach leaves, potatoes, tomatoes, avacados and a little cheese....YUMMY!

sunday was my book signing at church. i had several copies available for purchase and signed them for those who wanted my "oh so famous" autograph. it went well, wish i could've sold more but so very thankful for the ones i did sell! fine arts practice is in full swing, i was able to re-use a few more skits from the past, which is good, so i'm only about 5 away from finishing all of them. i'm gettin there!

we're supposed to get ice this week. i'm really hoping/praying it will be snow and not ice. it would be much more fun and not dangerous. i can't believe this is the last week of january. it always seems to drag on for me, but this january has flown by.....

here's to a good week!

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Casey said...

I expect to eat those yummy quesadillas. And this pic at the end is sooo cute. :)