Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow daze

not really, more like ice, sleet and a bit of snow. but it looks really pretty outside. it's frickin cold, but it looks good. the "storm" started on monday around noon and didn't really stop until tuesday evening. we've enjoyed being indoors and getting "iced in" but i'm ready to be out and about again. we've watched a ton of movies..which is always our "go to" played games, drank hot chocolate, sat by the fireplace (yes with a fire going)  i've played many rounds of hi-ho cherrio and hungry hungry hippo that are sure to last me until next year! 

i don't have any fun pics of the kids playing in the white stuff....jakob has a nasty cough which we are trying to get rid of, accompanied by a snotty nose, so i have decided no outdoor playtime right now...better safe than sorry right? he doesn't agree but mom knows best.

we did get out yesterday, i had to go into work for a couple of hours....the whole family accompanied me b/c the jeep doesn't do so great in the ice. b drove me up here today too, so now, with my work done for the day, i await his return so i can go home and get into my "comfies" once again. services are cancelled tonight at church b/c the parking lots are pretty much solid sheets of ice/snow/sleet. again, it looks really pretty but not too much fun walking/parking on!

um, nothing else really going on. things seem to come to a halt when the weather hits. i like the break from norm but i'm over it after about two today being day three, i'm ready for the sun to melt this memory away....ahhhhh, how poetic!

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