Monday, February 2, 2009

this and that

after the ice/snow finally melted, the weather became amazingly now, i think i'm almost ready for the spring to be here. i usually want the winter to linger around b/c i do love the cold but it can't seem to make up it's mind. so, rather than have the weather consistently wreak havoc on my sinuses, i will take the nice 60 and close to 70 degree weather. if it goes past 70 before may, i think i might have to be bitter....i'm just sayin.

this weekend, another pretty uneventful one. i'm starting to feel like we don't do anything anymore, but we're only into the first few days of february and then i look at my calendar and am thankful for these "uneventful" weekends b/c it will end and i'll be wondering when i get to sit around and do nothing again. 

we stayed in this weekend, cleaned more, laundried more, baked some cookies, had tickle wars, got kung fu panda tatoos (fake ones), played dress-up, cooked some yummy meals and yes, watched some more movies, filed our taxes (yay me!!), rooted for the cardinals, sad to see them lose but it was nonetheless a great super bowl game. we love our weekends like this. 

on mondays, i watch my nieces for my sis while she teaches voice so i decided i would try and get a cute, random pic of the four of them....well this is the best i could do!

why does my daughter have a tank top on in the middle of winter? you tell me! so anyhoo, here's to another good week! 

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Casey said...

Aww...Dalyica's kids are cute And Ella is getting soo pretty! In the car this morning Charli was singing really loudly and said, "I am singing loud for Jake to hear....because we love each other." Random. But funny.