Tuesday, February 3, 2009

conversations with jakob

they are always very interesting and i wish i would write more of them down...but i procrastinate, sometimes forget, or usually am distracted by another conversation. the one last night will linger in my mind for a long time...so i decided to share it. 

let me set some info up for you. jakob loves all things super heroes. we watched spiderman this weekend, which he loves and has seen several times. we, at that time, didn't have spiderman 2 or 3. i went to target last night, #2 was on sale, so i brought it home for a movie night treat. we let him stay up past his bedtime to finish the movie....he does not (and did not)have bad dreams or get freaked out at all, but as i was putting him to bed, this is what happened....

jakob: mom, i have a bad feeling.

me: what's wrong jake, does something hurt?

jakob: no i just have a bad feeling.

me: are you scared?

jakob: uh huh

me: well we can pray and ask Jesus to help you feel safe, do you want to pray.

jakob: uh huh

me: Jesus, please help Jakob to feel safe tonight and have good, fun dreams. Thanks for the fun day we had today. We love you Jesus, amen.

jakob: mom, where's Jesus?

me: He's in your heart. You can ask Jesus to be in your heart and He'll stay there and keep you safe and you can talk to Him anytime you want to. Do you want to ask Jesus to be in your heart?

jakob: i don't know how to ask Him.

me: i can tell you what to say and then you just repeat it, is that okay?

jakob: i want to wait mom, i will just ask Jesus to be in my heart on saturday.

me: you don't have to wait until saturday, you can ask Him anytime, He's always here with us.

jakob: i'll just wait until saturday mom.

and then we said our good-nights. so sweet, but so odd. he's a character. makes me smile so much. then this morning, driving to work.....

jakob: mom, i zipped up my coat all by myself yesterday at school.

me: good job jake. that's so great!

jakob: yeah, you know what that means?

me: what jake?

jakob: that when Jesus comes into your heart, He makes you strong so you can zip your coat.

i had no idea Jesus helps us zip up our coats.....good to know!



Deas Family said...

first-love the new backgroung
secondly-I love that kid too! Can't wait to have conversations with Nee Nee...

TxConnection said...

i promise you, this is something that you never forget. cherish it.